Friday, September 8, 2017

Thought it was time to introduce you Wanderers to the creative team that brought you Wandering Webber. Let's kick things off with artist Maki Naro!


From the man himself:


"Maki Naro is an award-winning illustrator who, whose comics have appeared online in publications such as The Nib, Popular Science, Annual Reviews, and Fusion. Since 2010, he has been consistently producing a body of work which he would classify as, “fan art for science."


It was a great experience working with Maki. He brought energy and creativeness to the work and did such a great job helping to design the characters. His artwork shines throughout the book. It's eye catching, innovative and just plain ol' fun!

Happy Wandering!

Wandering Webber

Webber Store 

Maki Naro


  1. Wandering Webber,he's such a cute fellow.Can't help but adore this little spider.(should have plushy key chain),that would keep my keys happy.

    1. Thanks! He's a charmer, isn't he? The keychain idea is a good one. Do you know of a place we could get some made?

  2. My whole family is delighted to see Wandering Webber. He is such a cute spider. Thanks to the Author and Artist, Great Work.

  3. Thanks! So glad you like him! And thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Much appreciated. All the best!